During his participation in the Istanbul Patent Conference and Exhibition 2018, which was held in Turkey for the period September 27 – 29, 2018, Dr. Hassan Muhammad Laibi, in our college’s Department of Chemistry, received a silver medal for the patent entitled (Designing an applied model to distinguish and measure various types of motor oils using fluorescence spectrometry technology). He also obtained a bronze medal for a patented scientific study on the use of ion chromatographic technology to measure low concentrations of negative and positive ions contaminated with several types of water as an alternative to the traditional methods used in most water filtration plants in Iraqi cities.

He was also honored by the representative of the IFIA (International Patent and Innovation Organization) at the exhibition with a Shield of Excellence.

The Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control in the Ministry of Planning granted patent No. 5455 to Professor Dr. Nabil Abdel Abdel Reda, Dean of the College of Science at Al-Qadisiyah University, for his great efforts in discovering effective substances to combat the causes of breast cancer. 

The patent was filed according to the letter of the Ministry of Planning under the name (Preparation of new xanthine derivatives for the treatment of breast cancer). 

The inventor, Dr. Nabil Abdel Abdel Reda, said that the important results we obtained during the research and studies that we conducted a long time ago proved the success of what we were planning in order to obtain compounds with great effectiveness in fighting breast cancer.

 The patent obtained by the Dean of the College represents a glimmer of hope for many women who suffer from such diseases, especially in areas that have witnessed wars and major bombings, where the emissions of many explosive materials in the governorates of southern Iraq have led, in the long run, to the emergence of multiple infections, including breast cancer. 

The Iraqi Ministry of Planning, through the Standardization and Quality Control Organization, grants the patent according to strict legal conditions that came in accordance with a law called (the Iraqi Patent Law).

The teaching achieved Dr. Hassan Muhammad Laibi Al-Sudani from Al-Qadisiyah University, College of Science, Chemistry Department, won an overwhelming victory at the Romanian International Patent Exhibition, which was held in the city of Iași for the period  5/25-27/2017,  for his participation in the patent entitled “Design and development of a simple system for modeling and measuring low concentrations of sulfur dioxide gas.” “In the Air” this patent was entered into the competition with two fields: general chemistry and environmental pollution, and it won the following awards from several parties, as indicated next to it: 1- Obtaining the gold medal for the best patent in chemistry by a team of international arbitrators. 22- A cup presented by the General Director of the exhibition, Professor Yon Sando, for his admiration for the patent and the way the inventor presented it regarding environmental pollution. 3- An award presented by the Romanian Iași University for the five best patents in the exhibition.

4- A golden diploma certificate from the International Patent and Inventors Organization (IFIA) for the best patents participating in the exhibition. 5- A shield presented by the President of Iași University for the best patent in the field of chemistry.

6- A certificate of effective participation in this conference is provided by IFR & IFIA, WIIPA. With this great scientific victory, the banner of God is Great, the banner of the Iraqi people, was raised in this international forum more than once, and the slogan of Al-Qadisiyah University and the College of Science was raised. This scientific victory is added to the victory of our heroic armed forces and the heroic lions of the Popular Mobilization Forces in the battlefield against the forces of oppression and darkness, and it was not Dr. Hassan was the one who achieved these awards in this exhibition alone. The heroes and heroines of Iraq participating in this exhibition, who numbered eight inventors in the specializations of biology, physics, and engineering, had an honorable standing in obtaining high ranks within their specializations with other international inventors.

Mr. Dr. Hassan Muhammad Laibi, a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry/College of Science/University of Al-Qadisiyah, participated in the patent exhibition for Iraqi inventors, which was held in Najaf Governorate in Baraliyah, in coordination with the Iraqi Ministry of Oil and the local government in Najaf Governorate.

Dr. Hassan’s patent earned him a gold medal and a certificate of appreciation.

Mr. Prof. Muhammad Hassan Laibi, a lecturer at Al-Qadisiyah University/College of Science/Department of Chemistry, participated in the patent conference and exhibition held at Sulaymaniyah University in cooperation with the Iraqi Media and Cultural Center and the Lebanese Society for Innovators, with the patent titled ((A simple system and method for modeling and measuring Concentrations of sulfur dioxide in the air.

Dr. Hassan Muhammad’s patent, which he participated in at this conference, won a gold medal, so that the doctor would reap more creativity in the service of his university and his great country, Iraq.

Mr. M.D. participated. Hassan Laibi, a lecturer in the Chemistry Department/College of Science/Al-Qadisiyah University, at the Patents and Inventors Exhibition and Conference in Dhi Qar Governorate, which was held at the Mazaya College of the National University for the period from 3/14-15/2018 under the slogan: “With inventors and creators, peoples rise up and civilizations are built.”

Dr. Hassan received a certificate of appreciation and a silver medal for his participation in a patent, as the number of patents was 100 by 70 inventors.

Lecturer Dr. Hassan Muhammad Laibi in the Chemistry Department obtained a patent for developing a new technology to increase the production of the antibiotic oxytetracycline.

The doctor also obtained a second patent for a simple system and method for modeling and measuring sulfur dioxide concentrations in the air


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