Documents required to apply for postgraduate studies for the academic year 2024-2025

1- Graduation document with the average recorded (in numbers and writing) and matching the academic background of the applicant to obtain a doctoral degree by submitting the graduation documents for the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, in addition to the equivalency certificate issued by the Scholarships Department for applicants who hold initial or higher degrees from non-Iraqi universities (original copy + two copies Two colours).

2- A graduation confirmation letter for the purposes of applying for postgraduate studies addressed to the entity to which the application is requested, indicating the graduation rate and the rate of the first graduating student in the batch (the applicant’s year of graduation) for the applicant for the Higher Diploma and Master’s degrees.

3- A letter of no-objection for employees that includes the following statement (the department’s no-objection for the employee to apply for postgraduate studies for the academic year 2017-2018 and a leave grant during his studies if he is accepted) in a manner consistent with the employee’s service, and to be signed by the competent department in the ministry (exclusively) According to the authority and jurisdiction of the ministry to which the employee belongs. With the exception of employees of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in universities, the letter of no objection must be signed by the university president or his authorized representative. (Original copy + two color copies).

4- The electronic application form for the applicant, in four copies (Form No. 500), free of scratches, scratches, or white ink.

5- The applicant’s business newspaper form (Form No. 501) free of scratches, scratches, and white ink.

6- The form for candidates who are relatives of martyrs covered by the Martyrs Foundation Law No. (2) of 2016, Form (502), certified by the concerned authority indicated in the form.

7- The form for political candidates covered by the Political Prisoners Institution Law amended by No. (35) of 2013, Form (503), certified by the concerned authority indicated in the form.

8- The form (700) for candidates covered by the Law on Compensation for Those Affected by War Operations, Military Mistakes, and Terrorist Operations, certified by the concerned authority indicated in the form.

9- The application form for candidates with special needs, Form No. (600), certified by the concerned authority indicated in the form.

10- The form for the written pledge and its signature. Form No. (504).

11- The aforementioned forms attached to the controls and admissions for the academic year 2017-2018 are exclusively prepared, provided that (coloured copies) of them are withdrawn from the application website on one sheet of paper for forms consisting of two pages, otherwise they are considered null and void, in addition to withdrawing a colored copy of the application form. e.

12- A colored copy of (3) of the applicant’s identification documents ((civil status ID, citizenship certificate, residence card or housing endorsement, ration card) or a copy of the national card if issued).

13- Photographs with a white background of the applicant (6).

14- A letter of exception to the age requirement and the rate (original copy + two colored copies). Note that applicants for postgraduate studies on the private expense channel are exempt from the age and grade requirements (for non-employees only). However, employees are subject to admission conditions.

15- A statement of the applicant’s security position being sound. Security permits are approved for all applicants before applying, and they are audited after acceptance.

16- Certificates of computer and English courses

17- Recommendation from two professors with the rank of assistant professor

18- A copy of the above-mentioned documents on a CD.

Important notes

Students wishing to apply for postgraduate studies must begin the security clearance process to avoid delay
Complete the application process during the application period for the purpose of reviewing and confirming the application
The color of the transaction file for the Life Sciences Department is blue, the Chemistry Department is yellow, and the Environment Department is green, with two files for the transaction