brief history

The Environmental Research and Pollution Prevention Unit (formerly the Environment Unit) was established on 7/22/1999, as the first research unit at Al-Qadisiyah University affiliated with the university presidency. This unit was concerned with coordination with various state departments to solve problems related to pollution throughout the governorate, and several contracts were concluded in This field is with the departments affiliated with the various ministries, such as the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Irrigation, in addition to holding the first photographic exhibition of pollution in the governorate, as well as conducting many scientific research related to the environment and pollution.

The Environment Unit joined the College of Science after its opening in the year 2001, and the number of scientific research planned and completed in the Environment Unit increased. The first scientific symposium on environmental pollution was held in 2001, then four other scientific symposiums were held related to various environmental axes and finding solutions to pollution problems, as well as Holding many training courses for employees of state departments in the governorate and holding seminars.

Objectives and mission of the Environmental Research and Pollution Prevention Unit:


Conducting academic and applied research and studies in the field of protecting and improving the environment.
Publishing scientific research and circulating it to relevant authorities and cooperating with them to implement the results.
Contributing to deepening environmental awareness through lectures and organizing conferences, seminars, scientific meetings and training courses at various levels.
Providing scientific and technical consultations to state departments and various sectors, in cooperation with consulting offices, or using the means of cooperation established between ministries, universities, and entities not affiliated with the ministry.
Holding exhibitions that show the effects of environmental pollution in the governorate.
Improving the environmental reality through field visits to hospitals and factories.
Her message:

Paying attention to the environment and human health with diligent research to get rid of elements of pollution to create a clean environment free of pollution.
Training all sectors of society, especially those working in state institutions, on methods for solving problems related to pollution and ways to get rid of them.
Educating workers in research centers on the importance of seminars, studies, training courses, evaluation and guidance meetings, and seminars to obtain practical applications and information with contexts and frameworks that support the national project to protect and improve the environment.
Solving environmental problems related to the reality of society and its current conditions, including the phenomenon of desertification, activating activities and projects related to this phenomenon, finding appropriate solutions to address it, and developing plans to establish sanitary landfill areas managed by the various agricultural institutions in the governorate.
Vision :

Activating activities and projects related to current societal problems, such as the phenomenon of desertification and the massive accumulation of waste, by developing plans to solve these problems in cooperation with various state institutions, such as planting plants with high tolerance to temperatures and drought to create green oases, as well as establishing sanitary landfills for waste.
Overcoming some of the problems that the country suffers from by conducting experimental field research that contributes to eliminating such problems, such as finding solutions to desalinate water in the basins in the governorate and utilize it for irrigation.