Members of the College of Science Council

Chairman of the College CouncilActing Dean of the College of ScienceBiotechnologyProf. Dr. Muhammad Abdel Wahab Al-Askari  
Council memberAssistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate StudiesLife sciences/parasitologyProf. Dr. Habib Waseel Kazem
Council member Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairsanalytical chemistryProf. Dr. Faeq Fathallah Karam
Council memberHead of the Life Sciences DepartmentLife sciences Prof. Dr. Ali Abdul Hussein Ghazai
Council memberHead of Chemistry DepartmentInorganic chemistryMr. Dr . Hassan Shamran Muhammad
Council memberHead of Environment DepartmentLife sciences, environment and pollutionProf. Dr. Hazem Abdel Wali
Council memberHead of the Mathematics DepartmentNodal analysis mathematicsProf. Dr. Waqas Ghaleb Atshan
Council memberHead of the Department of Medical PhysicsMedical physicsProf. Dr. Haider Saad Abdel Baqi
Council memberHead of the Pathological Analysis DepartmentLife sciencesDr. Baligh Abdul Zahra Kazem
Council memberDirector of the Environmental Research and Pollution Prevention UnitLife sciencesa. M. Dr.. Loujain Ibrahim Hussein