The College of Science aims to achieve the following:

Scientific humanities absorbed.
Creating awareness and belief among the graduate in his nation’s civilizational mission and its pioneering and historical role in establishing the qualification of the specialized graduate who is familiar with the necessary foundations of basic sciences and their necessary applications.
Providing the graduate with the scientific expertise required by the latest future research and familiarizing him with technical work.
Creating a qualified cadre for the future in university and university education to advance to educational work in the various fields of science.
Qualifying available researchers who have the scientific foundations for scientific research to adopt the principle of supporting the scientific and technological research movement in the field.
Modern qualification enables new graduates to join and deal with advanced technology and contribute to its development.
Qualifying distinguished graduates who continue in postgraduate studies to contribute effectively to science, to solve complex scientific and technical problems, and to cooperate with other scientific and technical fields.
Register of scientific staff that clearly records their association with science for their voluntary service and active role in global scientific activity through their contribution to scientific conferences around the world.
Finally, academic and applied studies in the field of environmental protection.
Publishing the new scientific paper and circulating it to the relevant departments and cooperating with us in applying the results.
Contributing to deep environmental awareness through lectures, conferences, seminars, scientific meetings and distinguished courses at various levels.
Providing scientific and technical consultations to state departments and various sectors, in cooperation with assistants or using the cooperation established between ministries, universities, and parties not concerned with the ministry.
Holding exhibitions that raised environmental pollution in the province.
Helps access health through essential for hospitals and manufacturers.
Her message:
The mission of Al-Qadisiyah University aims to ensure that the College of Science is keen to apply quality standards from young students and subject them to evaluation in accordance with international standards. It still continues to follow educational methods in following the correct methods in its activities, the link between the college departments and the rest of the university’s colleges and other institutes to exchange experiences, follow others and activities, and develop and update educational vocabulary.
Paying attention to the environment and monitoring humans, with diligent research to consume pollution waste in clean, pollution-free homes.
Training the entire winter community, especially those working in the working teams, on methods of solving and getting rid of problems causing pollution.
Educating researchers in the most important research circles, studies, training courses, evaluation and guidance meetings, and seminars to obtain practical applications and information with contexts and frameworks that support the national project for environmental protection.
Solving environmental problems related to the current reality and circumstances of the phenomenon of desertification, activating activities and projects related to this phenomenon, and finding appropriate solutions to address them and develop them to create sanitary landfill areas that protect them due to differences in perspective.
Vision :

  1. Supporting the academic and scientific education initiative. The community works to achieve excellence in the scientific departments and their various units by working to build the foundations of the concepts of quality and reliability in university performance and relying on the importance of following the correct, advanced and modern methods in university education that differ greatly in developing innovative initiatives for advancement. Thanks to university education and the establishment of a quality culture in the college and its departments to achieve international Arab academic accreditation.
  2. Activities and projects that are jointly relevant to the current societal formations, such as the phenomenon of desertification and the accumulation of waste, significantly through the appropriate placement of these companies, cooperation with various workforces, such as companies with a high impact of temperatures, drought, and green trends, as well as the establishment of sanitary landfills for waste.
  3. Discover some of the problems that the country suffers from through the process of exceptional experimentation that contributes to eliminating such problems, such as creating solutions for desalination of water that help in continuing irrigation.