Distinguishing performance and providing support to the university for continuous development and improvement of the educational process to advance its goals and reach international standards of quality.
the message:
The Division seeks to ensure high quality in all educational, research and administrative practices in the college by making the most of all the college’s capabilities and resources and with the participation of all college employees to meet the needs of society and the requirements of the labor market in accordance with national standards.

  • Working to ensure the quality of all college activities, especially academic programs and scientific research.
  • Enhancing the culture of quality in the college and enhancing quality procedures and mechanisms.
  • Reviewing and defining the college’s strategy, mission, and basic purpose in light of developments and innovations to develop and improve higher education.
  • Collecting and analyzing the results of studies and internal audits, indicating strengths and weaknesses, and presenting proposals to improve and develop the college’s performance.
  • Providing support to academic programs to achieve its goals, especially the Bologna process
  • Conducting field visits to the college’s departments and units.
  • Preparing job descriptions for all college employees according to their categories and identifying training needs to develop the employees’ job performance.
  • Creating a database of programs and degrees awarded by the college and administrative units for the possibility of following up the educational process.
    Action plan of the Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division in the College of Science
  • Documenting the vision, mission, and strategic objectives of the college and the mechanism for updating them.
  • Spreading the culture and concepts of quality among faculty members, students and college employees
  • Establishing an electronic database and information for the college’s human and material resources to benefit from it in developing policies and improvement plans, as well as developing a mechanism to update them.
  • Evaluating the needs of various activities in the college and working to develop and qualify human resources through training and rehabilitation, as well as maximizing the use of available material resources.
  • Adopting approved academic standards for the study programs offered by the college and taking measures to ensure their achievement.
  • Documenting descriptions of the college’s programs and courses.
  • Follow up on the preparation and documentation of the college’s course and program reports.
  • Establishing a follow-up and evaluation system within the college that includes evaluating:
    (a) Academic performance of faculty members.
    (b) Annual employee evaluation.
    (c) Student performance and student activities.
    (d) Community service.
    (e) Research and scientific activities.
    (f) Mechanisms and procedures of the scientific and administrative departments in achieving the college’s plans.
    (g) College resources with the aim of determining their utilization and proposing improvement plans.
  • Establishing a system to follow up on graduates and communicate with them and with the beneficiaries to determine the quality of services that the college can provide and evaluate the quality of its performance.
  • Preparing and publishing an annual report for the college that reflects the level of performance in all activities and includes an executive plan for development to ensure the quality of the educational and research process and community participation, based on documented data.
  • Working with the dean of the college and all scientific and administrative departments to prepare the college to obtain accreditation
  • Communicate and interact with all parties concerned with issues of performance evaluation and quality assurance through the Deanship of the College and the Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance at the University.